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L. Ericksdotter

the kingdom is cursed !



racing around ..and moving on

Hi, so I decided on this motorcylce ad from the past, I just loved the colours and I'm also very much into the whole motorcycle and old car thing.

I'm at the point where I would like to add the layer with the motorcycle, but I'm not sure how to aproach it most effectivle . The poster shows a kind of metal look and I'm not sure how to mimic it.

I guess I will go ahead and first try to bring in all the little shapes and lines required for it,Any suggestions are mostly appreciated. Thanks :)

I'm still stuck on the metallic effect issue, but decided to move on for now and return at a later point to tackle the issue.

Here are some reproduction projects I worked on in the meantime. The originals are all done by Julius Klinger an austrian graphic designer during the 1930's and 40's. His work is amazing to me, I love the bold look of shape and colour.


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