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Christóbal Bernal

Experimental visual scientist residing in New York



r a z o n


Razon stands for the ability for those who create to overcome vulnerabilities and push onto the world something from within themselves. No matter the medium, it's the respect and love of creating for the sake of leaving your mark onto the world you were thrown into. You can be put through infernal fires of the lives we live but never loose the purity of what's in your heart. We are all creators and born with the inate ability to create something out of nothing. There are those who doubt and forget, but if they believe and look within, it's all there. It's always been there.


I experimented with different methods of printing and tried to emphasive a type of production in which the process renders one of a kind pieces. I have some background in printmaking so I tried different forms. From silk screening to block printing to wet on wet transfer. I realize this hinders my production means when it comes to outsourcing but I felt it was an important part of what the name stands for. I also feel the wearer appreciates and can feel that and possibly further inspire which I hold as something important and if feasible, crucial.


Further insight on the heart with closed eyes. Closed eyes can be associated with the experiencing of things to an extreme awareness. Be it fear, happiness, anger or pleasure, there's a point when you're only left to experience the moment with closed eyes. On the other side of that note, the one that resonates stronger and want to empasize more is that we all have to ability to reground ourselves and and regain focus by looking inward. Past our egos and towards the core, where there's no room for bullshit and ways of lying to ourselves or temporary gains. It's where you find the purest part of yourself that allows you to create things that also have a part of you within them. We're more in touch with that part as kids but through time everything around us tends to take away our focus and put things that hold no real value in front of us to chase. At the very core, you're only going to find love. 

As far as the name goes, razon translates to reason in spanish. "Razon" is also found in co"razon". Which is heart. The reason in your heart. From within.


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