quiet  - student project

And a pink dots-version..(but this is maybe more the 'loud' version :-) I could go on for days.
Thanks everybody for the great feedback, and Thanks Brad for a realy inspirational class!

quiet  - image 1 - student project

I tried the pink and the blue versions in photoshop with structures. In the blue version I removed one of the sky layers. I think the sky looks bigger that way.  And made the stars different colors. still want to try some pattern in illustrator...
quiet  - image 2 - student project

quiet  - image 3 - student project

That was a good suggestion, to try something totally different. I tried so many variations! Still busy with it... here is two examples, next will be with pattern and texture :-)

quiet  - image 4 - student project

quiet  - image 5 - student project

quiet  - image 6 - student project

This is the first version of the illustrator file. The color tips were very helpfull! But still not very happy with the color of the hill...maybe it needs some shadow too?

quiet  - image 7 - student project

quiet  - image 8 - student project