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Lucy Mcgill





So here is a picture of the word list (or in this case diagram) of the brainstorming process. Unfortunately my only way of taking pictures at the moment is via the camera on my laptop as my scanner isn't working, so all the words and mirrored. Not very helpful for the viewer, but at least I know what they say!

And here is my page of sketches, again sorry about the horrendous picture quality. But you can just about make out in the bottom right hand corner, some bunnys watching snow; and bottom left, close ups of bunnies. So, snow gazing bunnies are the option I am going for; becaues there is nothing quite like the quietness that comes with a snow covered landscape and I wanted some foreground interest so I have gone with rabbits (they're quiet!).

Working on a digital version of the bunny, I am not used to working with fill and no line, so it is a bit of a learning curve!

Version with some background below. Except now my pallette seems to have gone out the window and I am not sure how/where to get some darkers hues in.....


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