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"quiet" - clair de lune

Decided to go with the quiet imagery. I imagine most of my words are like others...

I tossed between ideas of doing something creepy or calming, but ultimately went with the latter when I was inspired by Claude Debussy's "Clair de lune" on my iTunes playlist. One of the most gentle songs I know and always recalls a lake scene to me... Then I thought I'd incorporate a swan since they're elegant creatures... Essentially I just want a serene nighttime scene. 

Here's a 1-minute sketch of what I'm thinking... incorporating the lake, swan, maybe an animal sleeping, a cobweb with dew drops... the moon, of course, some trees...

Excited to get to work on it... Never really done an illustration properly like this before so let's hope it all goes well. 

I've also created a palette on colourlovers.com for this project.

Lots of purple, dark teals, and some bright creamy colours too...


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