quiet before the crash!

quiet before the crash! - student project


Sad to say, there is so much more I can do with this but this is all I can manage time-wise right now :( My biggest issue is working between Photoshop and Illustrator - not sure if I missed that tutorial/resource or if it's more common knowledge in the design process. I can bring my vector image from AI to PS, but I don't know how to get my then-edited image from PS back to AI with all AI layers in tact. Any suggestions or links are appreciated!

I really would have loved to work more with brushes. Brad, your tutorial on brushes was amazing. It was what I was looking for, for a long, long time but couldn't find anywhere! When I have more time on my hands, I look forward to working with it more!

Some final changes were:

1) I took what Brad suggested re: unbalanced and made the illustration a bit more realistic gravity-wise and moved the toppling cups to the right as the left/top jumble to stay stacked

2) I changed the full background into a partial background and angled it for a stronger sense of unbalance/chaos, letting the cups move outside of the background to show loss of control.

3) I played around with the distorted lines which was such an interesting process(!) and really like the feel, it took some getting used to for sure.

Like I said, I could do so much more if I had more time but I really am happy with where I've left off for now :)

quiet before the crash! - image 1 - student project



Colours aren't final, but happy to post some progress! Loved playing around with the blend tool from the tutorial - a nice alternative to gradiant which I'm not a fan of. Really happy with how this is turning out. Maybe not the BEST example quiet as, as I explained, it's the quiet before the loud - so not sure what direction to go with colours. But I'm getting there!

This does solidify that I'm better in Illustrator than I am on paper :) But I really need help with hands. One of my biggest challenges!

quiet before the crash! - image 2 - student project


Decided to scrap my original ideas - there was no doodle that I was necessarily proud of - far too literal. In my second attempt I'm still sticking with "quiet".

My take on quiet is that moment right before it's about to get LOUD where you hold your breath and wait for sudden sound.

Not sure what I want the man to be balancing on yet... looking forward to adding colour and texture to all the different mugs!

quiet before the crash! - image 3 - student project

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