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Daphne Torquato




puzzle bones

The images on the left show the usual way most of us is used to see the caracterization of death. My idea is to make a toy that changes that into some image that shows grace, purity, style and tenderness. I thought about using flowers as a symbol: they provide comfort in funerals and are also gifts on special occasions such as birthdays and marriages. They are beautiful and colorful instead of the dark and grotesque image of death as we usually see. I could use some objetcs as a rosay and wings in some kind of detail on it because life and death have such a mixed meaning.

Inspired by Guernica, the idea here is creating a toy with parts of the human body (not the actual human bones!). The parts (head, arms, legs, some bones) could be joined in distinct places so they could be in different positions. Therefore, the toy can always be a "new" one depending on the position of the parts and the mood of the owner.

For this one my idea is to create a toy playing with holes in it's form and its duality. The hole can be found on some Salvador Dali's paintings, on sculptures of Henry Moore, on a vase by Phillip Starck, and even on a brazilian super hero called "Super Empty". The hole toy could trasmit multiple meanings like freedom or solitude, peace or anguish.

The first image is a tap created by Phillip Stark and it reminds me of Frida Kahlo. She had polio as a child, her right leg was thinner than the left and one year before she died, her leg was amputated at the knee due to gangrene. So, the tap could be some kind of Frida's body that is not "perfect" but has a strong character. I'd add some softness on it with flowers, a lot of colors and other stuff to represent her in this stiff structure.


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