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"put more of me on the page" but not in a gross way

I responded to the first part with some references of type I feel I can connect with and this project, as some sort of bridge, trying to move away from my usual futura-through-garamond pallet, or that calligraphy-through-letterpress part, or my more recent ancient japanese design motif meets contemporary japanese culture with current techniques. So I dug into black metal, hardcore punk, thinking about the unique painterly qualities of Amanda Wachob's tattoos as a unique recontextualisation.

With the next step, of play and of representing me, I stalled a bit though. I've got some shit I drew basically. More normal "when is this lecture going to end" doodles are of manga style girls and goblins, with the occasional drunk pirate on a magic geometric boat. The forms I drew just now though are more like things I was doing in first year of college for a drawing class. More about, what can this implement to. Forget what it looks like, just find out what it does. And I could jump into my cupboard and grab out the paints, tape, ink, spray paint (how did that there?), or even the wood, drill, saw and glue. But the medium isn't me. I've invested myself in other projects, and I felt I've used appropriate mediums. I want to push into the content a bit further. Designing, I feel slightly stupid acting without reason. I need a context. The part of me that comes out is inherent for the most part, but maybe with this project I can put more of me on the page.

Grabbing at an idea, I flicked through the things I'm meant to be doing and came to "Concept Album" which is my daft way of telling myself to do my band artwork.

A title idea I had, which is a cool idea but won't get used, was "Born Free, Live, Die Free" with the idea being (for those playing at home) that whether or not you live free is not assured.

So I masked out - literally - the word live, and free handed born and die. The electrical tape tore up the paper, but that's probably pretty apt.

Traced it but that was jank. So I've tried writing small and blowing it up - not working to emphasise imperfections but letting imperfections be inherent in the work.

Then I went "aw fuck it" because I blurred the photo, but then - "oh Dillon you're a mighty talent and a beautiful soul".

So I zoomed into the version where I had the idea to write the full title out and smudge the word free next to live. Then level adjust, the very technical process. And it's super noisy.

I have a policy of "making them say no" where even if I'm not totally confident with something, I send it off to get feedback and see how others respond. I'm curious to see what my band mates come back with to an e-mail basically saying "Artwork done guys."

Still pushing the project.
Totally agree with James' feedback - The early bit felt like work. Having a bit more of a play helps, it always does. Woke up inspired, so after doing some less than exciting stuff last night with a posca I chomped up, I got something more expressive out.

The legibility is lost in "lets get fucked up and kill shit" a bit, but I think the meaning is there either way.

(Cheers for feedback James. It's at a time where I need a kick in the pants occasionally)


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