put a label on it

put a label on it - student project

I have been using Gmail for my business email for over a decade. I've tried others, but always come back to Gmail because it's easy, accessible and has a great search function. From the beginning, I have been using labels to organize my emails by client and have found that to be very efficient. And for the clients I work with most, I applied a filter so that all emails were labeled with the company/organization name, along with a color that corresponds to their branding. This gives me a visual representation of incoming messages. After taking this course, I realized that this is something that has been working very well for me and I am applying the filters/labels to more items. However, I haven't been using the archive feature for incoming emails, so everything initially comes to my inbox. So while my inbox is rather organized, it contains way too many messages. And since I reference emails frequently on current projects, I prefer not to archive them until a project (or particular part of a project) is winding down.


After taking this class, I have:

1. Created a Professional Development folder for the newsletters/emails relevant to my profession (graphic design), so that they are saved for me to read later. Emails from AIGA, Adobe, etc. are now filtered to this other folder, freeing up my inbox. 

2. Created more filters to include all of my current clients with the most important still coming to my inbox.

3. Unsubscribed from dozens of emails.

4. Created a Newsletters/Promos filter for items I'd still like to see, but don't need in my inbox.


Up next:

1. I'd like to separate my inbox into priorities, but it may take some time to figure this one out. Some days, my priorities change, as I sometimes get urgent project requests that hijack my time. But in the future, I would like to figure out a system for items that don't necessarily belong anywhere else, as I plan to take care of them within 24-48 hours.

2. Deleting old emails. I know that this isn't part of the class, but seeing the thousands and thousands of emails I've archived (all labeled) is overwhelming... and many are unnecessary.

Amber Haynes
art director | graphic designer