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Sam Rosenzweig

Lover of pens. Nailer of blues licks.



pushing to radical

Update: Went back to the drawing board to play and experiment without a specific project in mind. Excited to play more! Here are a few recent things.

This class was absurdly awesome.

So many nuggets of wisdom to glean from every video. 

I, like many people, do a lot of work on the computer, so breaking away from that and making some letters and pictures with different tools was a lot of fun. 

It was hard finding lettering that actually looked unique and raw and wasn't trying to be perfect. 

Here are a couple things that I find interesting. 

First I experimented with a paint pen. It's not stock. I brought a whooping to this pen. 

I decided to play with the idea of GMO foods, since the issue has been on my mind lately. 

Here a few things I drew. 

I decided to also pick up a sumi brush and experiment.


one time only



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