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[published] How to Reach Balance between Work & Personal Life

My 2nd class is launched! Here you can find 10 easy and very helpful tips How to Reach Balance between Work & Personal Life - click to enroll!

To promote the class I'm going to:

  • publish announcement in September Teach Challenge where I participate
  • now I have already almost 100 followers on Skillshare - so I will make several posts in Discussions which will automatically sent to all my following
  • I'll announce new class at my first class too
  • I've made several posts about it on Facebook and within several communities as well
  • I've made limited free enrollment link
  • I'm going to use my Instagram too
  • also have some idea for additional promo posts in my Discussions - helpful and engaging
  • to be continued

Any feedback, advice an, of course, enrolls are very welcome!

Thank you! 




[update] Recently I've changed a bit the title and made it shorter and more readable - maybe it'll help a little too :)

Here is my my first newly published class - HERE

Link to my Class Project within July Teacher Challenge

As I participate in July teacher challenge, my first steps were to publish links to the class in Discussion and Class Project sections of the challenge. 

I've made link for free enrollment for my classmates in the challenge (with limited spots) as well as a separate link for my friends - and shared them both. 

For the moment I have 32 students already and one teacher referal - woohoo!

I've made nice promo pics in Canva and shared class announcement with referal link with my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram following. Also I've made promo headers for Facebook page and Twitter.

I've added link to my Etsy shop - where I also can make some promotion. 

I still plan to make additional short video with funny moments from the filming process - I have plenty of them :)

I am thinking about email announcement too, but not for the full contact list, but some list of hand picked contacts for whom my class can be interesting. 

Maybe I will launch a giveaway or a contest as I can attract participants by a nice gift from my handmade shop.

I'm going to share later results of my promotion campaign as well as new thoughts about ways of promotion that may come to me. 

Any feedback about my class as well as any advice are very appreciated!

Thank you!




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