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[published] Film Any Class with PowerPoint & iPhone: Talking Head

[just published] Film Any Class with PowerPoint & iPhone: Talking Head - CLICK

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[published] How to Reach Balance between Work & Personal Life

Intro Video - HERE

Class Video Outlines - HERE

This is my second Skillshare class, where I'm going to share some advice and tips based on my own experience about how to reach balance between work and personal life.

First of all the class will be helpful for freelancers and those who work from home. I've tried to keep advices very general in order to be applicable for wider audience - so in some way the class will be useful for any working person.

I plan to make the class very brief - so it will be a small step for big changes. After a short video and quick reflection the students will be ready to start pursuing balance.



[already published] Sewing 101: basic settings and stitches for easy start of any sewing project + DIY bunny sachet

The Class is published - enroll and watch it HERE!

This class aims to help anyone who doesn't have any experience in sewing or meets some troubles with stitching quality. This class is inspired by own story - I'll tell it later :)

The class will cover basic settings of sewing machine that you should know, as well as important settings for main types of stitches. Also I will provide some very useful tips & hints that will help you to perform best results and long-lasting quality in any sewing project.

So going through class videos you will learn all basics required to start almost any sewing project without fear and with confidence.

Here are the main topics that will be covered in the class:

  • main parts of sewing machine
  • basic caring for your machine
  • threading the top thread
  • winding and changing bobbing
  • changing needle
  • changing presser feet
  • main settings for stitches, possible problems & trouble shooting
  • start sewing
  • first stitches, tacks, controlling fabric and hints for perfect straight line
  • straight stitch (training task)
  • zigzag stitch (training task)

The class project is a fun one. I decided that to make just several basic stitches and to post pics of them will be too boring. So we are going to practice all acquired skills while making a cute bunny sachet. 

What you’ll need for class project:

  • sewing machine
  • 2 pieces of linen or other type of fabric (1 - enough to make double layer of 19x13cm, 2 - small piece for tests)
  • sewing thread of desired color
  • scissors
  • pencil or chalk (or fabric vanishing marker)
  • pins
  • printer or paper to draw on
  • ribbon of desired color and type
  • desired stuffing (lavender, m&m’s, etc.)

All instructions needed to fulfil class project will be given in videos. Also PDF with pattern will be available in attachment.

There are three main assignments within the project:

  1. sewing with straight stitches
  2. sewing with zigzag stitches
  3. stuffing and finishing touches

Students are invited to share their projects by posting each assignment step by step or sharing the final result at once. Recommended deadline - 3 days.

Now kiss goodbye your concerns and fears, collect simple materials and tools needed for the class - and let’s start!

Video outlines are HERE!

Sample video:

VIDEO 1 Intro
VIDEO 2 Class Overview

Marketing Class project



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