There was young girl named Mary in 2005 in Waco Texas . Now it 2017, she meet this boy at the mall and she went out on a date with him at this restaurant. That night she woke up at middle of the night and she was really sick. Her parents knew she wasn’t feel good.  They had to take her to the hosistipal that night and the boy did not know what happen. Till two day she was still sick, the boy called and was going to ask her out on another date. The parents told him, that she was very sick she could not talk or walk anymore.  So he got very worried about the girl who he loved really. So when the parents were gone, he came over there to watch her. In one day she step out of her wheel chair and she walked the walk the hall when the boy was there and she said hi to him. He was so miracle and give her time to show her parents the miracle. So that was in four weeks, she made a choice to let jesus heal her in four weeks. She also had lack of confidence but she built it up. So her parent came home and saw her standing and they were very happy. Next week the boy asked her out to fantasy restaurant. She said yes, that boy took care of her when the parents left. It was amazing four weeks in a miracle came into her life. So several years go by the boy asked her to married him, and she said yes. They were talking about how many kids. They degree on one or two kids. Serval years later they were have their first born, her name was Emily. The couple years later they had other kid name John, but he had medical condition. So they had to be really carefully with him. The young couple were so happy to have two kids in there life. They watch them grown up one by one. The young baby boy was in hositipal back and forth trying to find out what he had. It took two years what he had and the girl was in school. They went to church and pray for the baby boy and couple of week god made him made him better without the condition and then he started school. So the girl and boy were two years apart in school. The girl was on her journey in middle school experience while her brother was experience his intermidate experience.  They had a lot of friends. Now the girl hit freshman and was wonder how high school experience will be good for her. The boy was in middle school. They both met a new student and their same grades and they did not know they were realtives like them. So they became there best friends. So the girl and her friend graduate the same year. The boy and his friend was a sopormophore when she graduate. So now they are both of to the same college with there friend.  The young married couple was happy to see their kids grow up together.