Christóbal Bernal

Experimental visual scientist residing in New York




I've been looking at postage stamps lately. They often go unnoticed and have somewhat become forgetten by some people since less and less people use them. I was somewhat guilty of that. I knew my grandfather collected stamps so that also played a role in my interest. I decided to try to make mixed media pieces that recontextualizes the historical figures and events that are portrayed in stamps through out history. I wanted there to be a juxtapoistion between it all as well.

Here are some of my attempts to do that. I have and  am already am thinking of how to extend this or make a new project in general that uses postage stamps as it's inspiration.

Even though I'm familiar and practive most of the things in the lessons, it is easy to lose sight and lose focus. Some of the steps can sometimes overwhelm and cause you to overthink if not done in moderation or in a balanced manner. I do believe the lessons help with my slump and refreshed me with things I needed to put my perspective back onto.


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