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project title

Help me choose a story,and thank you for your input

Idea A

Once, when I was a little boy, I was eagerly waiting in line with my mother to cash her paycheck. We were both excited because that meant toys for me after and for my mom dinner for the family later. In an instant I was face down on the floor, mom covering me telling me to keep silent, her fear and I would say calm panic made me even more scared and panicked.  There was a bank robbery happening, this was surreal, I was encapsulated with fear I couldn’t move I, I couldn’t hear, couldn’t see, I was frozen under my mom for what felt for hours. I imagined the robbers as gigantic evil ugly Human monster with hair triggers waiting for any reason to start shooting; I became a tiny mouse made of stone pressing myself as close as possible to my mom. Clutching on to her so strong with my fear that I did not notice that the ordeal was over. Later at dinner my mom was recounting the story, the news was showing the bank robbers, they were just a young couple and their friend, the complete opposite of what I imagined.  

Idea b

After a weekend of doing practically everything but the homework that I was assigned, I enter my first grade classroom empty handed but I did not give a care. Until my teacher dropped the bomb on me, she had arranged for the students who turned in their homework to attend an assembly to see an archeologist and his dinosaur bones. I had the brilliant plan of being excused to the bathroom when the time came for the class to turn in their homework and crash the assembly. I didn’t have the courage to crash the assembly fearing that they would still ask for my homework and get in trouble for crashing the assembly, I just start to get far away from the school as possible and just play in a park or lot not too sure. I must have been gone for a long time because a police officer drove by an asked me if I was me. When I returned to the school with the officer I was thinking I was going to be in a world of trouble but to see the sense of relief from my mom and teacher made me feel terrible for what I had done to them. They were scared that I might have been abducted but I was just in my own little world.    

Idea 3

Four tiny kittens were given to my siblings and me. One for the each of us, they were perfect and their colors and behaviors, mannerism completely matched with our personality. Well, that is what we wanted; we sought after that perceived image of kittens being little mini-us. We wanted that so bad that we started to behave like our respective kittens. We scratched, climbed, fought with each other and scampered around the house, drinking from dishes just like the kittens we owned. The minute our mom came home she put a stop to that, she was not having it. I guess we made a complete mess of the house.  


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