procreate art

procreate art - student project

After saving up my money for a long time I finally got to buy an iPad Pro. I think it must be the most expensive thing I have ever bought! Anyway, I had seen the majority of my favourite artists using Procreate to make art and I wanted to try it so badly. I was very unsure since I'm not a professional artist, but now that I've got it all I can say is that drawing on my iPad has become my favourite way of making art. 

Brooke Glaser's class is so useful! It's packed with lots of tips and tricks that will simply make your time with the app so much easier. I will definitely rewatch it several times.

So here is my project: a bunch of penguins I drew from reference (loving the split screen so much) and my new profile pic drawing for Instagram. If you want to see the timelapse, you can just go to my profile or use this link

procreate art - image 1 - student project procreate art - image 2 - student project 

Hope you like them!



Vic O.
apprentice artist