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practicing with pretty lines & inky fingerprints

Hello! My name is Lily. I've always had a novice hand at calligraphy/hand-lettering. I decided to take a more serious approach so I would be able to address my own wedding invites. I've been practicing for over 3 weeks, almost a month now, and beginning to love it more each time. Although I have discovered that I have the most difficult time keeping letters somewhat uniform. Haha, it just gets wilder with each letter but I'm learning to embrace the quirk.

So here's a few shots of my practice. I try to get half an hour in a day as my schedule allows. I also like to attempt fluidity in my letter connections by writing out the first word that comes to mind for each letter of the alphabet. Does anyone do the same?

I'm currrently using the Nikko G with the General's cork straight pen holder. I started off using Speedball Super Black India ink but have moved on to Higgins Black India ink. I'm still trying to find out which I prefer. I think I'll be trying out Sumi next.






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