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practice will be my friend

this was my first time trying to do flowers. All i have are cheap powder palette watercolors.  i find they're not very see through which is probably why i couldn't get nice and smooth letters.  Also i didn't use any acrylic ink cause i didn't have any.  On my wish list are some P.H Maartins.  they look so yummy to work with!

i didn't really sketch out anything before hand.  i kinda just jumped in... i don't hate it which is good but i know with more practice it could be really good.

this is a picture of my finished roses and the "in progress" bouquet.  don't look at the lettering, it's horrible and i know i can do better at that.


the bouquet is finished.  because i hadn't sketched anything out in advance i kinda had to do a lot of filing in the backround at the end. 


i'll update this thread when i practice some more.

feedback is appreciated :)


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