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practice, practice, practice

Chalk Marker Practice (first practice)

Here are my first attempts at using the jumbo point chalk marker (I could not find the Pentel brand and I'm assuming the tip is similar to the one I purchased).

I'm going to need to practice a lot. I have been learning pointed pen calligraphy, and not to state the obvious, but using this marker feels so different from using a calligraphy nib. But I like how the paint flows on the paper (and I like the smell of the paint -- yes I was one of those weird kids).

I am having trouble with making the ends of the letters "clean"-- there are still brush-like strokes at the end of my marks. I'll have to make sure that the maker is primed better.

It is also difficult to get the hang of the curve of a letter and when to pick up the marker and how to start again, because there are no thick/thin lines (i.e. most letters are somewhat the same thickness throughout each stroke). Also, creating the apex of the "A" was also challenging. I was using Verdana Bold as my guide. I also played with writing in script.

I'll need to watch the videos again to study how Erik uses the marker.... sigh....Erik makes it look so easy.


Here is a mood board I quickly put together of type/things I find interesting:




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