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Phonetically pronounced /puʀsɥit/ is the French word for "pursuit." Being broken down into two separate words as "pour - suite" it means "of continuation" which is exactly what we strive for; continued progression. 


My projects page is setup in drafts on purpose to show continuous growth and progression. Sort of a visual memoir of daily/weekly goals upon completion. Furthermore, its motivation for me to keep pushing and making this dream a reality. It's also a visual aid of inspiration for the hundreds of students who may become discouraged at some point and time. 

Mostly I'm attacking each bullet point in accordance to Jeff's plan of action on the modules but may jump around here and there.

Follow me on my journey of making a dream come into fruition. 

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Module 1:

1. Brainstorming

I decided to skip this part as I was pretty much set in stone on the name of the brand at the time. Only one problem, I hadn't searched the internet for a business of same service with the same name. Whaam! There I stood stuck in a trance of disappointment; mostly on myself because I should've done that before sketching designs bearing the logo. Time to problem solve!

As I started to brainstorm about possible brand names of substance I remembered a design I randomly did a while back. 

3. Check Availability

The logo design didnt' really work for me but the name still hit home! Poursuite. I like it, it flows - Now it's time to search the Secutary of State's business database for a business bearing the same name within my state of business filing address. 

Perfect - it's available! As I just finished posting a pic on Instagram of Jeff's first lecture and me saying how excited I am about this class finally starting a friend of mine shot me a text. 

We had quite similar ideas long term - cut and sewn apparel. We have the same type of aesthetic so why not build a team?! I asked his opinion on the name and told him exactly what it meant and he was down. 

We still need a logo other than the typeface I created in Photoshop in the middle of the night. Then I remembered something I always remind myself of...use my resources. 

I then remembered my man Che who designed this caricature for me not too long ago. I told him my situation and gave him some ideas I had on what I envisioned the logo to be. One thing I noticed from experience that collaborating with people sometimes its hard to get your vision clearly and aesthetically across. Hopefully we're on the same page. 

Nice! My man Che understands what I mean. I know sometimes I can be a bit off the wall. Now I wait. 

Today, July 23, 2013 I finally got the chance to visit this place. I found out about it through another class I'm currently taking here on SkillShare titled 'Intro to Threadless: How to Prepare and Submit a Design.' It makes it better that it's not too far away from my new apartment in the city. 

The staff there was very helpful and took the time out to answer all of the questions I bombarded them with. Even after finding that this isn't exactly what I thought it was and that I'd be better off somewhere else they stll took the time out to find other businesses that could help me out. Shoutout to them for being extra friendly, very helpful and for pointing me in the right direction. 

They guys over at Threadless pointed me in the direction of this place in Wicker Park. Small business with the small business feel. The owner, Mike, was very helpful as I began to ask him tons of questions about something I was only schooled in what I knew from my retail background and from what I learned from reading and watching videos on the Internet. 

After finding the type of quality in shirts that I was looking for I asked for quotes on various shirt quantities. Price per shirt wasn't as bad as I had previously thought. After Mike printed me out a quote sheet we chatted a bit about what my plans are and how he could be of assistance. Glad to see that we are on the same page as his client base is geared towards small, up and coming companies. Everyone whom I've come across so far have been nice as I'm sure I'm lucky because I know that's not always the case. On my way out the door Mike gave me a catalog to look carefully at the types of styles of apparel that I can purchase through him. 

Earlier before I went to see Mike at Propaganda I caught Slang Jones completing a wall mural that took him about 5 days to complete. As I was leaving the area he was just putting the final touches on things. I was able to get a couple shots of the wall and the man himself. If you're ever in Wicker Park check out his mural on North Milwaukee and Honore. 

Today was a successul day!

Until Next Time...Making Progress



Today, July 24, 2013 I woke up with making some type of progression on my mind today. I woke up, before sunrise as usual, and thought about how I can get something accomplished today! 

I'd like to thank everyone thus far, shoutout Mute NY, SoledOutNY, The Monsters, LayHill, illadell and everyone else who gave postive feedback on my progression thus far. Its been real good vibes in here from everyone. Let's keep it up!

Shortly thereafter I stared at this screen for minutes absorbing every word like a sponge.

After carefully analyzing each and every word I wanted a bit more inspiration so I took upon watching Jeff's lecture from module 1 again. 

Okay cool...much inspiration but I'm almost still stuck. I took Jeff's advice and did a mind mapping exercise where you dump all of your thoughts onto a piece of paper. This somewhat helped because my creativity began to flow more fluidly for me. As I continued this mind mapping exercise I was able to narrow things to a few possible slogans.

The above list is what I came up with. Remember, poursuite by definition means 'of continuation' or 'in pursuit of. Some of the possible slogans resonated with me and others didn't.

In my effort to make this process more interactive and bring more of a communial aspect to the class I'd like your assisitance. Please vote on which slogan you like best. The poll is only open for 24 hours and the slogan with the most votes at the end wins. Cast your vote! 


Until Next Time...Making Progress



Last night after I finished updating the progression of my brand I had the chance to tune into our professor's special guest feature on Traklife Radio. Unfortunately, I caught it towards the end but I did get a chance to hear some of the show. It was more of a laid back/lounge vibe where they bounced questions around to each other while listening to some ill background music. It was very chill and I got the chance to see another side of Jeff Staple that you don't see. He's an average guy who went for his, didn't take no for an answer and vibes out to some good tunes. 

SPEAKING OF GOOD TUNES...at the end of their chat Jeff closed out the show with him DJing a quick set. Who knew an Asian guy had so much soul! Haha I'm laughing but seriously he has got some soul, knows his music and I respect his musical taste. He first started out with a ill Michael Jackson blend into Janet Jackson to Kendrick Lamar then down the line ended the show with the above track from Slum Village. I almost forgot Jeff used to be around the Rawkus Records camp in the early days which explains why he musical taste is what it is. 

I literally listened to this joint, on repeat, all last night and all day today and STILL now as I write this update. I was in the 8th grade when this joint came out and it just has that good old school hip hop vibe to it still today. I'm one that uses music as a means of inspiration and I must say that it's flowing out like an exploded pen onto a piece of paper. 

Furthermore, tracks like the one above helps me out a lot with my creativity. It's hard to explain but I use music to set the vibe for me and then I create from that. Those who do the same thing get where I'm coming from. 

As I at worked today riding around Chicago as a Sony Brand Ambassador I had a stoke of creativity. A habit of mine is to always write or draw out what I envisioned before I forget. I write on anyting; napkins, random papers on the street, babies [I'm kidding of course] and even money. I really didn't know what this design meant to me but I wanted to remember it. 

As I continued going about my work, all while trying to make sense of the previous design, I had a few more brain dumps. On the left is the anchor, from earlier, in the middle is an airplane and on the right is a group of individuals standing together. What do they mean? I have no idea but I have an idea in mind in how I can mold these into something of substance. I think you guys will like it! Stay tuned on this as I'll post my idea tomorrow. 

My man Che hit me up with an update on his logo designs for me. You gotta love it when someone you're creating with understands your creative vision aesthetically!! You may be looking at the duck and things aren't coming full circle for you. Let me explain my reasoning behind the duck and how it ties in. 

You know how in college or during interviews they always ask you to compare yourself to an animal that's not typical for someone to say? Well my response was always a duck. The reason behind it is this:

When you think of a duck sitting on a pond you think of him lounging in the sun catching the cool breeze and just enjoying life, right? Well that may be the case but you have to analyze things more carefully. Aside from the duck taking it easy if you pan underneath the surface you see tons of leg work going on. It's a crazy juxtaposition to see because of how the duck sitting on the pond looks at first glance and then you realize how much work is being put in to keeping him afloat and to keeping his cool and confident demeanor. His feet are moving quickly as if he were going somewhere and that he has business to attain to. That's the mindset of 'Poursuite.' We fully embrace the amount of hard work that has to be done to get things done accordingly and moreso respect and appreciate it. It really doesn't matter as to what things look like on the surface what matters is the substance and importance of it to you. That's what 'Poursuite' is and that what we embody. We embarace the entire lifestyle of the above sentiment. 

I hope that cleared things up for you. I really dug the designs and began to brainstorm on which design I could use for the main logo. Me and my partner have an idea on which will be the main logo design but you guys know me. I encourage your feedback and participation. So let's have some fun. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear your opinoin on which logo you think ties into the story the best. 

Take our professor's advice and let's support one another and provide constructive and positive feedback. Let's keep up the good vibes people!!

Until Next Time...Making Progress


Today I introduce to you the Legacy Crew. A crew of individuals who all share the same values and ideals in regards to how they go about life. Whether from completely different cultural backgrounds they all have mutual respect for everyones way of life. In other words, they all speak of the same native tongue. 

They are too the individuals whom encapsulate the mindset of those who believe to make things happen. Those who understand their role in life and pursue it passionately with respect to others like him. Knowledge is freely spread amongst these individuals and it's a continuous wheel of growth for them. Mainly because they are students of their lifestyle. They are always learning new tricks of the trade which is why they remain amongst the elite platform.  What are you waiting for? Join us.

There are more ways in which I want to direct this entity of my brand. Feedback is greatly appreciated on that.

After much consideration and the amazing feedback from everyone on what my slogan should be my partner and I finally made a decision.  I never imagined how hard it could be to decide on your brand's slogan haha. Seriously man it was tough. However, we are comfortable with our choice and feel that it molds into our brand's identity organically. 

I grabbed an english muffin this morning served to me in a paper tub. As I was sitting in the car, listening to music as usual, to a real vibed out song [click here] and 'carry on' rung in my ears. Almost like that sound when you put your ear to a sea shell. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that it was meant to be as I was already sitting on that one all day long. 

So what did I do? I grabbed my pencil and whatever was close by to write on and began to sketch out my brand name and slogan together. After I finished sketcing this I held it away from my face and shook my head in agreement. 

It's inclusive in itself. It's a forward way of thinking about getting things done. It embodies the notion of being in the know and respects those who share the same commonalities. 

Here's what I achieved today guys. Your feedback is greatly apprecaited as always. Again, I must say that the class participation makes this class much more special than what it already it. I really enjoy the good vibes on here. It reminds me of the old NikeTalk days before the hype. I'm seeing more and more great brands everyday. Let's continue to be supportive and provide feedback for everyone as it is fuel to keep pushing forward.

Until Next Time...Making Progress



I've been grinding with my professional work and it has been taking a toll on me in losing out on sleep. It's whatever though - sleep when you're dead, right?! Even though I haven't posted anything in two days doesn't mean that I haven't been working on my brand. However, I did catch myself a few times becoming too comfortable and relaxed...good awareness.

In times like this I always watch/listen to something highly motivational to me.


------------>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbkZrOU1Zag <--------------

Over the past couple days I also had the chance to check out this website posted by my man Anthony over at Mute NY.Good looks bro! I was on this site for almost an hour. It's very informative and most importantly resourceful. It very helpful with finding factories stateside in your respective states. Check it out when you get a chance. 


I don't know what's going on with that but my update was going to be motivating you to continue pushing through with your dreams. Become a student of your craft and above everything respect your craft. I always watch this video when I need some type of motivation. If you've heard of the brand Outlier than you may have seen this before. Nonetheless its a very inspiring and educational to anyone who's serious about operating a fashion business. 

------------> http://vimeo.com/41495120 <---------------

As you all can tell, I'm taking my time with this class. Remember guys, our final designs don't have to be submitted until August 22nd. I think what's failed me in the past was me looking at dates more in terms of the small number in weeks. I've grown to look at it in terms of the number of days and the amount of hours in each of those days that you have to accomplish goals set for yourself. 

Today, I visited Propaganda again and had a chance to chat with Mike about apparel styles that I took a liking to in the catalog. After checking his inventory instore I had the chace to actually feel the quality of shirt with my very hands. Good quality - but what else do you have? Nothing in store unfortunately. All good because Mike has ordered some samples of the styles in which I liked. Excited for their arrival in a couple of days! It's crazy to see how things are slowy unravelling before my eyes!

Rather the steps I'm taking are small or big ones I do know that I'm progressively moving forward in my dreams in making this thing become a reality. We at "Poursuite" firmly believe that everyday it is those small accompishments that over time turn into a big accomplishment. 

Stay tuned folks as hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post more pics of my daily accomplishments. 

Until Next Time...Making Progress



I've been making lots of progress over the past couple days. If you haven't noticed the obvious I updated my brand logo. I took the logo design of the duck and added the 'poursuite' typeface underneath included  with the brand logo. I think it came out pretty dope! What do you guys think? I'd love to hear your feedback. It's greatly encouraged and highly appreciated for it is your words that help me develop Poursuite into the brand in which I ultimately envision. Keep it up! Even though I haven't updated in a day or two I've been seeing some really dope brands pop up on the course's feed. I'm humbled to be part of such a group of talented and most importantly ambitious creative individuals. Props to everyone!

I also had my 'P wing' logo from above touched up a bit from my graphic designer. It feels good to finally have my brand name, logo and slogan finalized because now I can channel all of my ideas into how it can pertain to Poursuite. Some make it some don't but I'm continuously finding inspiration from everything around me. I'm a photographer and I'm the type to walk around and shoot with my camera so I'm always aware of everything around me. I don't know what to say man...things are flowing and coming full cicle for me; and I couldn't be more appreciative than anything else. 

Currently, I'm playing the waiting game on those sample garments. They should be arriving any day now. I've been sketching a lot lately too. Today I think I came up with one of the dopest designs I've had yet! Hopefully I find the fabric and they work well together as a whole constructionally. If so it'll definitely be part of my first full collection in the winter. 

I stumbled upon on what I hope is a gem of manufacturers of apparel and accessories. If the quality of the garments are what I hope they are and are up to my standards I'll buy more and begin placing designs on them. I'm going to look at the blank apparel and accessories as a blank canvas. I'm going to paint, not physically, my ideas onto these garments. I have a bunch of designs that I've made in Photoshop that I want to see in physical form. I've got some big things in store! Stay tuned people...for we shall kick it again fam. 

As part of a way to keep things interactive I'd like to share someting with you. Literally, right before I started to type these exact words I crafted my new logo design together in Photoshop. I could've easily dismissed the original typeface completely and use the font my graphic designer had in his original design. But I couldn't. I grew attached to the typeface I've been using. So I flipped the duck design horizontally and erased the typeface in the original design and added the design that I've been using along with the brand's slogan underneath in the same font. Not to be cocky but I think the design as a whole came out dope! I truly feel that way. I believe in moments like that. Where I let things flow organically and follow through with confidence. Not to ramble on but basically I'm saying all of this to say...believe in your designs with the confidence of a Steve Jobs keynote. Go forth with it and DON'T LOOK BACK!

Until Next Time...Making Progress



I've been making progress over the past couple of days and I couldn't be more excited about it! Still waiting on my sample shirts and hats to come in as they should be in any day now. In the meantime of me playing the waiting game on my samples here's a design that I whipped up in Photoshop of a hat I'm getting made. 

Introducing the 'P Wing' hat. Sporting a red body, ostrich skin brim and a blue 'P Wing.' Don't mind the funky looking 'P Wing' logo as it is only a rendering done in Photoshop. In the final product I envision the logo being made out of a chenille fabric. Why chenille you ask? Chenille is the material commonly used on varsity sports letterman jackets where various patches of different sizes and shapes are made of this material. Just as athletes are continuously pursing getting better over time we too plan on doing the same. 

I chose red because red is the color os blood, and has strong symbolism as life and vitality. It also brings focus to the essence of life and living with emphasis on survival. 

The reason why the brim is made of ostrich is quite inspiring. When approached with an assortment of different materials that I could use on the brim this one stuck out to me instantly! It almost has that pebbled leather look to it which I really took a liking to. 

Ostriches are flightless birds that are built for running. They're the fastest bird species, with a maximum running speed of more than 40 mph (64 kph), and they can cover 10 to 16 feet (3 to 5 meters) in a single stride. Ostriches are also the heaviest and largest bird species, weighing as much as 400 pounds (181 kilograms) and growing up to 10 feet (3 meters) tall. Furthermore, ostriches are social birds, sometimes gathering in flocks of 100 or more but usually just 10 or so. 

Just like the ostrich, we at Poursuite believe that even tough we cannot physically fly we can excel and thrive and be amogst the best even though we are very different in a number of ways. 

Speaking of flock....my team is getting better everyday! My man Ant out in Brooklyn. He's a really dope visual artist and I'm sure you seen his work around in Brooklyn. My man Dre who silently runs things and is the man when it comes to sneakers in New Orleans. He's a true OG sneakerhead like me and we share a lot of the same sentiments aesthetically. Words can't describe how it feels when your peers and those who follow your work respect you vision and would like to parttake in what you got going with your brand. 

It feels good when everything is coming full circle and is falling into place properly. Words can't describe how excited I am everyday to continue pushing and achieving my goals set out for myself and for the brand. 

Click here before continuing reading!!!!

Speaking of goals set up for myself. Today, I went to my tshirt spot to put in orders of 2 shirt designs that I have with 1 of them in two different shirt colorways. My goal is to have them in by the time I go to Agenda Las Vegas later on this month. I never knew how much it went into getting a shirt made. They began asking me questions that I didn't take into consideration like length/width of design, spacing etc.

It took me a little longer than expected during my trip there but I left feeling like I had everything in order. Shoutout to the people over at Propaganda! They were very patient with me as I didn't know as much as I had previously thought about designing. In the meantime, I'm waiting on tshirt mockups and for my hats to finally come in. 

Until Next Time...Making Progress



These past couple days have been inspiring to say the least. I've been getting a lot of work done with my brand and it feels great to see things fall in place! Not to mention being highlighted from the man himself, our professor Jeff Staple!

I must say that it feels good to be recognized for my hard work! Most importantly, I feel humbled that Jeff took the time out to watch my instavid and thought it was worthy enough to post in an announcement to the entire class. As you all know, my main goal with documenting my daily progressions are to inspire and motivate others to push forward with whatever goals in which they set for themselves. I'm glad to see that my work is used as a tool of motivation for others and that my goal of inspiring others is more evident than ever. Thanks Jeff! You're a true OG!

I'm a firm believer in networking with likeminded individuals of various creative backgrounds. A couple days ago I roamed around downtown Chicago and stumbled upon a Carhartt store. I'm a big fan of Carhartt's work especially their 'Work In Progress' brand. I chatted with an employee there about Carhartt designs I liked then the conversation naturally flowed into what it is we do.

The employee there, Jeff Sant, told me that he's a visual artist/illustrator and is finishing up his degree at a local art school then we began to talk about what it is I do. As we got into what I do I mentioned this class and that I was looking for a really good fabric store locally. Jeff told me that he knows someone who may know the best fabric store in the city. Nice!!! We exchanged contact information and he hit me up the next day with the above email. I couldn't be more happier that things are flowing naturally and unforced with the progression of my brand. Feels good. Feels real good actually.

I also took the opportunity in taking advantage of Maker's Row as I found a local fabric store here in Chicago. I've been trying to coordinate a visit to their showroom to view their fabric selections as I really want to get this one design made that I came up with about a week ago. Big shoutout to my man Anthony from Mute NY for sharing this website with the class. It's a great resource and you should most definitley take advantage of it!

In other news, I've been doing some design work for my brand. All of my designs are 'my children' in a sense as all of them have high sentimental value to me. Furthermore, I wanted something that not only I could relate to but something that everyone could take something from and see the value in it as well. Additionally, with this design I wanted it to resemble the likes of a neon sign you see in storefront windows. I coined this design as 'Wake Up.' I'd love to hear your feedback on this design. What are your thoughts? I also have this same exact design but with a rounded square around the typeface to make it look even more like a neon sign. Which design do you think works best?

IT'S CRAZY HOW THINGS HAPPEN! As I were typing this exact update, listening to music of course, The Roots 'Clock With No Hands' to be exact, this design spawned upon me. Historically, a clock with no hands is representative of doing time in a long prison sentence. Prison inmates have an interesting view of time, especially those serving long sentences. Prisoners view time as somewhat meaningless, which is what this tattoo is meant to represent. Prisoners will often choose not to count the days they are in prison.

We at Poursuite believe that our prison sentence in life is what we choose it to be. In our case, its creating impactful imagery that not only looks well on various garments but also motivates others to push forward with achieving their dreams no matter how big or small. We've adapted Levi Maestro's vision with his Infinity Piece wristwatches where that when you're dedicated to what you love time becomes irrevelant. Join us as we pursue wholeheartedly in motivating you to go forth in helping you make your dreams reality all while creatiing dope apparel and accessories.

Remember, the time is NOW!

Until Next Time...Making Progress



As I quote the classic Ice Cube song "Today Was A Good Day.

You have no idea how good it feels to have this shirt before my eyes in physical form. Let me give you a little history on this shirt. Over a year ago I randomly stumbled upon this clothing brand based out of California named "The Quiet Life." Dope clothes - oh shit, they're having a photography contest through their Facebook. It'll be be part of their collection and sold nationwide at all of their accounts. It ends today! "Aight yeah, fuck it" is what I said as I made my submission to the contest. 

Not thinking anything of it I went about my life completely forgetting about it. Weeks go by and I randomly check my Facebook, because I'm never on there, and I see the following message in my inbox.

Oooohhh shit!

I'm replying to the guy like a madman after I see this like "I'm here. What can I do? Who can I talk to? Anything." He finally hits me back saying that they can try to push it to make their print deadline but no promises. 

Completely understandable. 

Long story short, its my fault that this shirt has failed to make it into production and I can't fault Quiet Life for that. Their a big business that has to adhere to tight schedules. 

Coming into this class I wanted to be my first shirt...EVER! It means a lot to me and to have it in physical form on a wearable garmetn with the name of my brand printed on the back collar puts me on cloud 9 right now. I took the picture a couple years ago and titled it "Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate" (shots out to the supervillain). When I really started to get into photography I used to come up with challenges for myself. Little daily challenges to capture with my dslr. This is one of em. 

Its food for thought. Everyone can relate the message. No matter your cultural upbringing, age, gender etc. It's universally translated clearly.

So to have this shirt, printed, in my hand, before I head to Agenda Las Vegas next week means the world to me! I'm blessed above measure and am grateful to be in a class of such talented individuals.  I really mean that. Let's all keep pushing and helping one another out with constructive feedback. 

In other news, a recap video of what went down at Agenda Emerge surfaced on Hypebeast this morning. It detailed the speaking engagements by Jeff Staple, Bobby Hundreds, Marc Ekco and Johnny Cupcakes. I wish I could've made it there as it looks like they dropped some gems on the audience. 

Next best thing...I watched this almost 3 minute video at least 20 times haha. You laugh but I picked up some great advice that if you didn't pay attention to it easily went by you. 

Bobby Hundreds said, "Sometimes as a brand you have to say what you're not to say and know what you are." That really stuck out to me as that's a great exercise to use as we're building our brands. I'll definitely remember. that!

Something else that stuck out to me was something Marc Ecko said. He said "In business, there is no comfort zone. Get a fuckin nice pillow! There's no time to sleep and be comfortable." I like that because you can still sense the hunger in Marc saying that. I couldn't agree more! It's the way I look at things and it's been working out well for me.

Anyway, I have to maintain my duties as a Sony Brand Ambassador and we are doing some traveling soon. Please stay tuned family as I have some other pieces in the works for you to check out. I think you'll like it. 

Until Next Time...Making Progress



My apologies for the lack of updates but I've been handling business in a MAJOR way!

I had the opportunity to work alongside my friend's at Akomplice Clothing during Agenda Las Vegas. MIND BLOWING EXPERIENCE!! Being around those guys I learned TONS! One thing that stuck out to me and will forever remember is was what Mike, co-owner at Akomplice, is the acronym T.U.F.A. 

Them - Tell potential buyers who you are, what your brand is about, your goals/dreams/aspirations for your brand. 

Us - Find out who they are, what it is they do, what brands they carry, location(so there's no overlap), etc. 

Family - If all of the aformentioned are in tune with yours then from here you are able to gauge if you want to become family and do business together. 

Agreement - After all of the above is cohesive with your brand's vision and you're ready to do business then this is when you and the buyer finalize things by doing the necessary paperwork. 

I had the chance to meet all of these people of various creative backgrounds who's work I'ved admired over the years. I do photography and these two guys have influenced me immensely. Trashhand even invited me to shoot with him next time he's in Chicago. 

I also had the chance to meet other industry influencers like Frank the Butcher and Brocky Marciano. 

I had the chance to chat with the OG/Our professor Jeff Staple. Real cool guy and motivating to say the least. Very supportive. This shirt is the only physical copy of ANYTHING 'Poursuite' that I own and as a token of my appreciation I wanted to give Jeff this shirt! 'Dope shirt!' is what he said!









Back At It!

It's been almost a week since I've updated my page and it feels weird. I've been doing some design work lately. I've also been doing a lot of research on the theme of my 1st collection, slated for Winter 2014, titled "Abracadabra." I'm a perfectionist and I have to know as much as possible about the subject matter at hand. You know, really absorbing things and trying to put myself in a zone where I'm soaking everything in and relating it to my brand.

Introducing the "Heal Crewneck" in a charcoal grey colorway.

On my way back from Agenda Vegas I sat next to this woman on the plane who really cool! We chatted for pretty much the entire 4 hour flight. About life and how to stay focused on my goals and accomplishments desired. She's a former fit model for Chanel back when Chanel was on the rise. She's hung and worked with Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss etc. back when they were all on the come up while living out in Paris.

Long story short - one thing in which she said that stuck out to me was that in Aramaic 'abracadabra' means "I will create as I speak and live." Upon hearing that I was stuck in a zone almost of being blown away by what I had just heard. Upon further research I found it to be even more interesting. The word was first recorded in a Latin medical poem, De medicina praecepta, by the Roman physician Quintus Serenus Sammonicus in the second century AD. Serenus Sammonicus said that to get well a sick person should wear an amulet around the neck, a piece of parchment inscribed with a triangular formula derived from the word, which acts like a funnel to drive the sickness out of the body.

In our case, we're going to draw the inspiration, the grind, the umph, your pursuit of happinees ouf of you if it kills us. Just as I learned tons of knowledge from this class through all of my fellow peers we all can help push each other in some way creatively. 

The above image is another mock up of a varsity letterman jacket with the "heal" design on the back in a monochromatic tone. Again, with the chenille P-Wing logo patch on the front matching the same red wine color on the sleeves. Sleeves are leather wit ribbed cuffs and the body is of high grade wool. 7 button snap closure on the front with a shawl ribbed shawl collar.

Here are some other designs that I've been working on:

Here's mostly of what I have designed at the moment. It's not what some might say a full collection but you know what... just as Jeff Staple told me at Agenda LV about me getting into cut and sew garments..."Aw man you'll get there, keep pushing." That's exactly what I intend to do!

It may be all over the place but in my eyes it's structured. I feel that I see a bigger picture in my brand's core vision and just needs the guidance in doing so. No shots to anyone in the class but I think I'm highly deservant of being mentored by Jeff and his team. All of your brand's ideas are dope and just like my brand...we need more guidance and to be taught more tricks of the trade.

I approached this class with the mindset of a kid in school who had the real cool teacher who really taught him something whether he knew it or not. One of those teachers who made learning fun. Who sparked your curiously and made it cool and easy to ask questions and not feeling embarassed by asking a simple question that others may find funny.

I'm a student of the game...LITERALLY. I do my homework and read/research and watch vidoes all day about the game because that's what I enjoy doing. It's fun for me actually. This is that thing they tell you to find that you'll do for free and am trying to find a way to make a career out of it. Agenda was a huge eye opener for me! It was a pivotal step in the my scholarly rank as a dude in the fashion game. Learned tons! I'm addicted now! I'm going to try to make it to every show from now on. That's what everyone that attended Agenda LV uniformally understands; that we are students of the game and are naturally curious about all things pertaining to your brand...which is everything around us!

So, as I close the previous statements, I feel that I deserve to be mentored by Jeff and crew. I need help here man, I'm admitting it! As I previiously said before, "This class really felt like an actual class." Peer participation was amazing and very helpful. I'm that kid who stuck around after class to ask more questions because I wanted to know more. Need I say more? (waving hands in air) I NEED help man! Seriously. I've come a long way and I think that'll keep me on a continus path of progression in this industry. 

In closing, whoever is seeing this. Anyone on Jeff's team: NicoReys, BucciBandana, Annamal, my man from Descuit...ANYONE. I have the desire to learn more from all of you.

I guess when it comes down to it you all are the teachers and it's your choice to pick from the student who gets it but itsn't really enthused about it and the student who seems to always not get it but has the urge and wants to understnd things by being naturally curious about it, asking questions and never feeling like he knows everything about it.

That's all I have for today.

Until Next Time...Making Progress



It's been 11 days since Jeff Staple announced the Top 50 brands he and his team chose as the best up and coming brands in our class with the most potential to make an impact in the fashion world.

After being on edge for days, and after Jeff pushed back the announcement date, at 8:40am I received an email on my phone from Skillshare and immediately ran to my laptop to check it out!

Low and behold, my brand's name embracing the Top 50 List!!

I couldn't be more proud and most importantly motivated to continue on my grind through hard work and dedication. I'm amongst a group of 49 extremely talented individuals who manage brands of various asthetics from all across the globe.

Its been a while since I've updated my page and I think its because I think that me being chosen Top 50 is starting to really hit me. It's surreal in ways...seriously! I'm glad that my hard work and creative vision is understood by a team of individuals who are at the top of the game. Your feedbdack is priceless!

In other news...

in pursuit of me having at least 1 cut and sewn piece in my first collection I will soon enroll into a course locally at The Art Institute of Chicago. I went down to campus to gather more info on the course. Everyone says that it's a dope course where you'll learn the fundamentals of sewing.

I also heard that we get the chance to buy a garment, desconstruct it then construct it into an entirely new garment. How ill is that?! Sounds like a dope class project! Can't wait til the class begins in early October. I'll keep you posted on that.

In other news, I also have been designing quite a bit. Peep:

The "Building Blocks" Snapback hat. Green underbrim. It represents turning your stumbling blocks into your stepping stones. Those times in between small successes in your plight of what "perfection" is. Thing is, "perfection" it doesn't exist.Adversely, I feel that every creative individual really believes in it and enjoys the pursuit of it. It's the thrill of the chase knowing that you may never get to it and that's totally fine with you. I am.

The "Go" crewneck sports an iconic scene in the classic film "Fight Club." The scene where Brad Pitt's character drags a guy into the back alley at gunpoint and literally "motivates" him to pursue his dreams of being a veternarian. If you haven't seen the movie or scene check the scene out here. 

You'll 1up me later for that I guarantee.

Here's a few other designs I've been working on:

I have a few other things that I've been working on lately but just have to recoop from recently traveling a lot. All of the above images are Photoshop renderings which is why they may look a little funky looking. The camo hat will be a sewn on applique in 3cm x 3cm increments while the navy hat embraces a "P" in raised lettering representing the brands name in white.

Excuse me for my rant last post but I wanted to get a point across to Jeff and team. Much love to all Top 50 brands for I am amongst some really dope brands with well thought out ideas and who are already pretty much doing their thing and know what they're doing.

I hypothetically pose the question, "Why focus all your time only on the top athlete and not work with who's behind him as well? A good coach develops all of his players even the ones who come off the bench. It's like being a really dope 6th Man coming off the bench in basketball. You really can make a difference but if the coach doesn't work with you you'll make amateur mistakes, etc. which is accurate because of your level of practice.

All I'm saying is I obviously need help! I'm looking for and absolutely need it. The potential 6th man coming off the bench is me. Only thing is, I need more guidance into properly building a fashion brand.

I need much help compared to my top 50 counterparts who are all dope in their own rights. Shouthout to all of them by the way. Jeff, if you are reading this, since your announcement, we "top 50' have created a GroupMe to all stay in contact with everyone quicker.

The group only consists of about 20 brands right now but great ideas are flowing! Please drop me a line so that I can tell you more about the idea we've come up with. I think that you'll like it!!

Until Next Time....Making Progress.



In an effort to keep things interactive and motivating for you view the following video. It's a video by MADE on Levi Maestro. If you're unfamiliar with either please do yourself a favor and do your research. 

I've been watching this video a few times everyday to get inspired. You should do the same. Trust me you won't be disappointed. It's good to see someone our age who has a wealth of knowledge.

Peep the video here.

Also, here some design work:

I wanted to share all of this with you guys since it's been a while since I've updated. I'm in sort of a rush so I can't explain everything out now but will later on tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Stay up fam!

Until Next Time...Making Progress 


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