pour yourself a drink.

pour yourself a drink.  - student project

PROJECT: The phrase I have chosen is the Liz Taylor quote below.

I looked at Art Deco architecture and design for inspiration. I wanted to stack the words, using varying lettering and perhaps include flourishes and details to emmulate this era.

INSPIRATION: Here is a pin board I have started: http://pinterest.com/erinnparsons/lettering-project/


Update (3/31/13): Working on the first part and then will add some flourishes / art deco details. I would still love any feedback, as I know this is still a work in progress.

pour yourself a drink.  - image 1 - student project


Update (3/27/13): I have started my first draft vectoring below.

pour yourself a drink.  - image 2 - student project


Update (3/25/13): Taking Neil's advice I started a rough sketch of different lettering for the beginning and end of the phrase. Here is a quick sketch.

pour yourself a drink.  - image 3 - student project


Updated (3/24/12): Still working on refining my sketch. I understand that there are a few things that I can clean up in Illustrator, but I need to work on "some," "together" etc. before I start working on this digitally. I also reworked the last part, and think it flows better, but am open to suggestions.

pour yourself a drink.  - image 4 - student project


UPDATE: I have put it all together for a full sketch to see what it could look like. I am still trying to work out some details. I still am not completely satisfied with the last section packaged together with the "pull" etc so I still need to work this part out.

After rethinking , the issue with this last part is with the spacing of the whole package and axis of "yourself." When I looked at the whole peice together I realized that all of the words are on a straight vertical axis, while "yourself" is on an angle and it looks off to me. I plan on reworking this still in a script but on the same vertical axis as the rest of the phrase. With that and a different technique on "pull," it might start to come together. I will post my progress soon.

pour yourself a drink.  - image 5 - student project---

Initial Sketch: I started with a rough sketch (top right) and after I had an idea of how I wanted to layout I sketched it out on a grid. I am now working on breaking out segments to work on the details. After I have practiced and worked out the details, I plan on tracing it out to see what it looks like all together.

pour yourself a drink.  - image 6 - student project

Any suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated.