positive and negative (project 1)


The sun was like a blessing on Clara's skin, she couldn't have asked for a better day to go out hunting, her only companions were her bow and arrow, and yet she didn't feel lonely or weary in the slightest. she knew the forest like the back of her hand, she had swum in the river that traveled through it hundreds of times and played hide and seeks with her siblings when she was younger. Bright purple mushrooms and glowing blue flowers grew along the path, making the darker parts of the forest where the sun couldn’t quite reach a purple and blueish hue.


Lost in thought she almost didn’t notice when the sound of chirping and the gentle stream of water from the river abruptly stopped, along with all other sounds, No birds, no bugs, no wind. Like time itself had stopped. Clara could sense the unmistakable feeling of danger almost as if the oldest most primitive part of her brain was telling her to hide, to get ready because clearly, something was about to walk out from behind the threes and come straight for her throat. The silence was unbearable, it almost had the physical presence to it making it difficult to breathe and afraid of disturbing it by making a sound.