portrait studies UPDATED

portrait studies UPDATED - student project

portrait studies UPDATED - image 1 - student project

Latest study.. i may have gone a bit far with the hair and  with capturing the lighting effects of it. I redesigned the ear ring. Feel free to feedback and comment.

portrait studies UPDATED - image 2 - student project

here is the latest addition to my studies. A picture I took of my daughter couple years ago. I found capturing the likeness of kids are more challenging than adults.  messy hair and still wearing her old trusty bib. Her ears look gigantic but that's how they look when they are small!!! Feel free to feedback and comment as usual! Thanks. 

portrait studies UPDATED - image 3 - student project

portrait studies UPDATED - image 4 - student project

Hi , this is my latest study. I posted 2 ver here. The top one is more detailed and the color is more subtle. The bottom one is one before i finetune and i put on a color  filter. The latter one has more intense vibrant color and is not as polished . I'm torn between them. Which ones u guys like better?

portrait studies UPDATED - image 5 - student projectMy latest work. try to maintain some texture quality to the male skin


portrait studies UPDATED - image 6 - student projectportrait studies UPDATED - image 7 - student project

a project totally inspired by Gabrielle. Applying what I learned in class. These would keep coming.. feel free to comment and give feedback !

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