poppies on spoonflower

poppies on spoonflower - student project

Hi Liz, This class was amazing. I have enjoyed all the classes I have taken from you, but this one really helped me improve my skills (especially with getting things to line up perfectly!) Thank you for the creation template, and ways to work between raster/vector and between programs too.

Here are some designs I did for a spoonflower challenge:

poppies on spoonflower - image 1 - student project

poppies on spoonflower - image 2 - student project

poppies on spoonflower - image 3 - student project

Thank you again! Learning design with you has made this year a big accomplishment for me! Thanks, Liz!





Also, please check out my beginning crochet class for kids (and adults!) if you are interested! It's another one of my successes to celebrate for 2020!