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pono streetwear

Pono Streetwear is a hawaiian surf, skate & street lifestyle brand that I've been designing and developing for about a year now. Its a brand that marries surfing, skateboarding and street art influences and lifestyle with Hawaiian cultural traditions and design motifs.

The basic design motifs of this collection are built around typestyle variations of the brand name, "Pono", along with the hawaiian islands. "Pono" is a hawaiian word meaning "what is good and right and fair", things as they should be when balance and harmony are achieved."

The main Pono Streetwear logo features the name "PONO" in a vertically-stretched, sans serif font with the hawaiian islands overlaid, outlined and "punched out" to show the tee shirt fabric underneath the design.

Here is a camo version of the main pono logo.

The second variation of the pono logo. it features the brand name, "PONO" in a sans serif font, slightly squashed with the hawaiian islands behind it outlined and punched out to show the tee shirt fabric underneath.

Here is a camo version of the second variation of the pono logo.

This is another variation of the main pono logo.

Two more variations of the pono logo.

here are a couple of pono heraldry logo versions.

Here's one of my favorite pono tee shirt graphics. its the 8 main islands of the hawaiian archipelago with t "pono" arranged as the compass points of a compass rose.

Here are two variations of politically-themed pono tee shirt graphices which make the point that the citizens of Hawai'i are citizens of the nation of Hawai'i and NOT america.

and here is another politically-themed pono tee shirt graphic which explains that Hawai'i is a kingdom and a nation and NOT an american state.

and finally here are two designs that represent the surf and skate aspects of the pono brand.


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