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Barrie Rupp

Co-founder and Designer at Pixelogia Studios



pixelogia t-shirt design

SO, the company, Pixelogia, I am a part of needs a tshirt to represent them.  I am the only girl in the small group and I would like to make something that would be a unisex design for the rest of the guys and me too. 

Here is our company logo and font:

My idea is to use something that the cube in the logo can be incorporated into,

my first thought is a robot- since it is square shaped, but the guys are all into 

marvel characters (especially Iron Man)

my first sketch I made with the logo and the robot: He is a non agressive looking 

robot holding a pencil or pen and making designs in the sky (because we are a graphic

design and 3d modeling company) I want some part of the design to convey that the figure

has to do with art and design.

Am I forgetting a Marvel Character that would be more appropriate to use for its boxy shape

or maybe there is a better way I can incoorporate the logo into the design.


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