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Phew, a bit of a scramble, but glad to say that I just uploaded my pattern to Spoonflower and entered the Picnic contest. Here's the link: 


I've been repainting my motifs, to get them to fit together better and have about the same level of detail. I dropped the heavy outlines I had to start with, for a softer look. Gathering all the elements together into a pattern that works took a long time, but here it is finally! :) 

Pondering. Really unsure what to do at this point. I feel that the peas, eggs and artichokes could make patterns on their own, although that would make them hard to enter a Picnic themed contest!

I'll see what I can come up with for the Salade Nicoice theme, where I feel the varios motifs don't quite fit together... 

Testing patterns with the watercolour motifs. Different sizes. 

Pattern test using simplified motifs. 

Eggsperiment. Test with vectorized watercolours using the pattern tool in Illustrator. 

Vectorizing more watercolours.

I've been following along with MaJo's great advice, creating new watercolours to scan and turn into vectors. It's been a long process, with lots of disgarded watercolours but finally I think I'm getting somewhere and made a first test vectorising one element, green beans. 

Experiment with bringing a watercolour mood into Illustrator

I'd like to find a way to let the loose watercolor mood from my first sketches bleed into the pattern so today I toyed around with different brushes in Illustrator. 

I think the watercolour brushes contained a lot of white and browns, more visable in darker colours (the radish in my example). While the bristle and paintbrush were more "pure" in colour. The bristle has a wonderful soft feeling to it, but I also like the solid feeling of "slapping on paint" that the solid paintbrush expresses....  

Not sure how I feel about this just now. Any thoughts? 

Here's a quick "eggsperiment" with the egg element from "Salad Niçoise".

Continuing to develop "Salad Niçoise", here's my first vector sketch

If time allows, I'd like to develop both "Salad Niçoise" and "Summer in a Bowl" into pattern designs. 

Another round with "Summer in a Bowl", added spoons patterned with classic summery dots and gingham.

Second theme evolving, "Summer in a Bowl". Here I can use my palette with turquoise, hot red and pink that feels so crisp and summery to me. The cool relief of shade on a hot summer's day. 

"Salad Niçoise" sketch: 

Developing the concept. Two themes are emerging, first: "Salad Niçoise"

Concept ideas, palette and moodboard combined. 



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