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I'm really excited about this theme for the class. I'm kind of obsessed with drawing food so I'm hoping this comes easy for me....but let's face it, art making is never easy...

I really love the techinique of brainstorming and finding inspiration that Majo teaches. I have ever only used images for reference, so having to used words for the first part of my research was a challenge but i discovered that my thought process was more fluid with this technique.



How is it that I've been painting in Photoshop this whole time? Pretty sure I'll be sticking to Illustrator for a while. 

*i have adobe cs5 and used a bamboo wacom tablet


I finally decided on a concept and chose my motifs. It's so hard to narrow it all down especially when I have so many ideas. I swear I could do them all but being that I'm on a time crunch, I better not ware myself too thin.

Concept: French Picnic

I've been to Europe on a humanities/art study aboard and I loooved it. Whenever I was out about the city I would see people on the Sein and the Eiffle Tower's lawn having picnics. I loved it. Since I was in a tour group of 50 and only having 3 days in Paris, I wasn't able to have these idealic picnics. However, we did picnic, a quick one, and we noshed on French Baguette's, smeared with brie, topped with prosciutto, and drenched in balsamic vinegar.  It was perfect even if i was standing next to the giant tour bus. Somehow picnicing in France with a group of 50 and standing on the side of the road still felt magical as if I could have been lounging by the Eiffle Tower. Yeah, that would've been way cooler to be eatting under the shadow of the magnificent monument, but the feeling of France was still there. So I hope to convey that in my pattern. Wish me luck!

My Motifs


On just working on my motifs in Ai. First time ever doing illustration in Ai and I'm loving the quality!

using the vectorising method! 



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