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picnic marauders

One of the first things I thought about when creating the brainstorm was Yogi Bear. I used to watch the cartoon as a kid and loved it.  As a resident of NYC, my experience of picnics is not far removed from that of the Hannah Barbera cartoon - going to a picnic means setting up in a crowded park and then fending off the brazen city wildlife!  Squirrels, pidgeons and other birds are not afraid of people here, and they will come right up to your blanket looking for handouts. 

I would like to create a pattern with various animals sneaking a bite of picnic food: watermelon, grapes, sandwiches, cheese, bread, etc.

Here's a montage of photographs/artwork/textures I found that represent my concept:

Here are some initial sketches.. I need to do more!  I think I may want to just focus on pigeons...

Update: 6/18

At long last, I have 10 minutes of time to upload some pictures! I'm making my vectors now, but did all my illustrator experiments, which went a lil' something like this:

I wish I had tried the blob brush sooner in my life!

So, after working on them over a few days, and coloring them even though we weren't supposed to yet, here is the first draft of my vector illustrations:


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