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Update Sat. 4/13: I've networked via FB and found a local PR woman to assist with a Media Kit which essentially is a fine tuned representation for my show and sponsors and advertisers. Intention to do first show May 1st.

I connected with an aquaintance from same high school and now an author/vegetarian activist of sorts (for a topic on African American diet and becoming a vegetarian... I asked her if she wanted to discuss her book or talk about being a vegetarian. And she responded she wanted to talk about "being a black veggie" lol

----------This is my UPDATED LIST AND TOP 5 GOALS--------------

Hello Everyone - I will do my best to look at your goals; and hope you have time to peruse my list.

This is my updated list on GoMighty: http://gomighty.com/user/piaxlou/goal/#goals

----TOP 5-----

1.My Blog Talk Radio Show:  Interviews with people of all ages: authors artists and people who color outside the lines...some literally. Join me as I  talk with diverse groups: young children to our elders about their unique perspectives. Light up your own creativity by joining us in conversations with artists, authors, entrepreneurs and good friends about current American culture. Light Hearted and Informative 7days/week.   I've had friends and family encourage me to do a radio show. I was so distracted by urgent needs: taking care of my kids and getting them off to college. I am only now getting stabilized. Recently someone brought it up again. It coincides with this goal setting class so I want to get started. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pialouise

2. Heal Finances - Flexible work that allows the freedom for my radio show but can pay some bills. I am no longer a home owner. On one hand liberating but there is a level of stress not having my own place. I've lived on my own since after high school I can't believe that now at 56 I'm struggling to find a place to live that I can afford. Upon divorce I went from a middle class lifestyle to being a highly educated poor person. 

3. Manufacture Travel Bags - there is a story that goes along with my bags. When I lost my home I felt I needed to be able to travel light and be open to opportunites or create the right opportunities. I grabbed a bag and thought about what were the most important things I would be able to pack and take with me. As I investigate options: I might be able to wholesale indie designer creations until I have the resources to manufacture my own or find someone willing to Private Label my product. This is part of creating a brand: product/services. What would you bring with you if you only had a bag to take on your next journey or trip or due to circumstances all you had left of your possessions?. What would you bring back in your bag.... from your journey?

4. Make a Home - May thru Sept staying with family or sublet my friend's studio apt. At some point I would love to live in a warmer climate; and be location independent. 

5. Oil Portraiture - i cannot afford a class right now; but I can dabble in my oil paints as a means to relax and reflect. It's a do-able goal I can tackle right now. 

The remainder of my 15 goals/stories all work with and around each other. These 5 will give me a stepping stone for the journey. The #1 goal on the list is the most important as it will allow me to be location independent and cultivate media sponsorship and advertising. I also see it leading into other forms of media. It is on that platform I can help other people find a voice and create community. 

(Divorce and subsequent financial crisis affects self esteem: shame, guilt and betrayal. Isolated I became more of an observer in life. trying to make sense of the ever changing world and culture. Friends are amazed by my calm 'sense of self' despite being semi-homeless. When a part of me feels doubt I remind myself it's only one moment at a time; and I have gifts that if cultivated will enable me to gain financial security once again.)

------MY INITIAL GOALS AND STORIES: PT1----------------

Step into my heart! A friend recommended this class to me. Having gone through tumultuous times as a single mother - I've lived on the rocky ledge and nothing seemed possible. I am now taking baby steps in a new direction. Most importantly is to bring together my experiences and insghts and creativity to make sense of the journey.



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