Niki Malek

the difference between meow and meowza!



pelikan watercolor pan set



wow, what a great class! i've been on-and-off struggling with watercolors for a while now and didn't really know where to start. the exercises presented in this class were so helpful – no! – crucial to understanding how watercolors interact on various paper and with each other.  

for the gradient i used strathmore 300 140lb. cold press, which is the highest quality paper i've used in my watercolor exploration so far and boy does it make a difference! 

also picked up a little spiral booklet of strathmore windpower 140lb. cold press, which i used for the color chart. 

working through some blotchy washes, but will keep at it until i have something i like. planning to scan my final wash to use in a wall art piece.

update 08/17/16 | played around with several different color ways and think this variation turned out the best; the blotchiness is growing on me. thanks again ciarra for the fun class! 




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