peeqMe: A Performance-enhancing Social Network

Mission: Do together better

Fingers flipping a pen, at a desk, bored. Others around a phone, conference table. All out of focus. Rain in the background on the window, softly pattering.

Screen goes black… maybe its fuzzy tv screen. 

British female: Hello, Johnny, did you have anything to add? Johnny? (English accent)

Inside voice, Young white man: Is she mocking me? 

Inside voice, African-American woman: I need another datapoint like I need a hole in my head!

Inside voice Older, Asian man: Action plan, tell me what you want me to do.

Narrator: Your not a lone wolf… but you are unique. When the team gets together… sneak a peek.

Connect what lies beneath their business suits, below their skin, in almost subliminal flashes… an executive, a fireman, an analytical, a joker,  - to the disembodied voices - all of them in action.

Narrator: Don't hide your talents and what makes you tick. peeqMe helps you perform at your peak. Do Together Better.


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