peek20a - student project

--- Feb 11th ---

Took me a while to get back to this course but it's been updated now with at least all required things
from module 1. It's not much but I'll try to catch up somehow the next days.

--- Jan 18th --- 

Okay this is how far I've gotten so far.

And I have to say how much I like this course. I've bought quiet a few books about this topic so far and none of them has gotten me so far as this little course. Never knew how easy it was, so big thanks to Jonathan. It's very well put together.

-- Jan 15th --

I am working as a professional graphic designer and although I even have to deal professionally with all sorts of digital content everyday I have never gotten into the programming side of it. This is what I want to change now.

So I figured the best project to be starting with would be my own online representation. Although I know there are several tools out there that make it as easy as choosing from a template to do the same of course none of them gave me the liberty to really do what I had in mind. 

Right now the Moleskine is but a metaphor to how I work because even when designing a website most ideas start with a pen and a sheet of paper. I'd love to translate the same feeling that I have when creating something on the fly or rather on the way home in the metro to a website.

Let's see if that works out…