Andrew Korf

Senior User Experience Designer at W3i



pedalr | for people who love bikes

Business Model:

Online demo:

Elevator story:

Pedalr is curated commerce for people who are into urban and cross cycling and marketplace for sellers of new and used urban cycling related goods.

The curated commerce feature will offer interesting cycling related goods for sale anywhere on the web (new or used) updated weekly (initially then later daily). Pedalr will also offer a marketplace where anyone can sell anything urban cycling related in an open, multi-sided marketplace. Goods from the marketplace may end up as part of the curated commerce offering if they merit a feature.

The site/service solves three problems:

  1. For shoppers: Cycling related product discovery (Where do I find the cool stuff? Whats new and interesting?). 
  2. For smaller brands and sellers: Help them reach new eyeballs, buyers, markets. 
  3. For larger brands: Help them stay top of mind and reach new markets/buyers.

How pedalr v2 works:

We will update the curated commerce side on a weekly basis, look around the web for the best urban/cross/mountain/touring gear, fashion, accessories, bikes, based on a  theme. For example: single speed gear bikes and gear  in Boston or vintage toad racing gear worldwide, or great cycling jeans… for sale, new, used, on ebay, craigslist,  retail sites, SMBs and of course pedalr. We  also offer an online marketplace (which functions as both classifieds and also as an ecommerce storefront) as a place where anyone can sell anything cycling related to anyone else. 

This approach solves the chicken and egg problem experienced by most multi-sided marketplaces by giving visitors frequently updated, fresh, new interesting content (finds from the web) to keep them coming back, while also giving sellers of urban cycling related goods/gear/fashion a highly targeted audience which provides a better user experience and more emphasis on quality and brand than ebay, craigslist or other online commerce options.

We intend to invite guest curators from the urban cycling scene worldwide to contribute/curate selections as a part of the curation engine to help us get distribution and help some of our favorite bloggers, writers, enthusiasts reach new audiences.

Pedalr v3 will be the first marketplace and curated commerce engine targeted to IPTV/Apple TV providing an immersive experience which focuses on video, particularly appropriate for our cycling vertical.


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