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patagonia project

3 ps for Patagonia

1. Positioning

Patgonia naturaly found thier niche by targeting outdoors men and people who care about the enviroment. People care about the patagonia products they wear because alot of the proceeds go towards world wide wildlife concervation and national parks.


Just by using promotional videos and comerials about their cause helps patagonia sell thier clothing and outdoors gear. When people share patagonias pasion and wear their clothing, others think they should be doing the same thing because it's the right thing to do. This creats naturaly good publicity that reflects well on the company.


Because many of the profits of Patagonia go towards natonal parks and wild life concervation, the pricing of thier goods are much higher. People usualy would be oposed to paying extra but this isn't the case for Patagonia. People are willing to pay the extra money because they believe that patagonias products are superior and that the cause is worth paying extra for. This also creates a new demographic by appealing to people who are more wealthy.


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