pastel galaxy

pastel galaxy - student project

pastel galaxy - image 1 - student projectThis was yeti very first time I have used Pastels. As I had thought, they are very very messy -  and although the class looked soo easily made , I had struggled blending them on paper. It may be the poor quality of pastel, or maybe the paper wasn't right for the job. I have decided to make the project a bit different, add the black gouache for better covering, and the get the wolf and the main rock shone on from above. I really liked the stars , so I wanted to have some Light raising up from the rocks, but perhaps I need to work on my execution better, as I feel I over did it. The Planet has loads of white pastels but didn't really turned white anymore so I added some white gouache and  tried my luck with some texture. Ultimately I used some workable fixative in between layers as the pastels were getting everywhere. 


Definitely loved this class, and I will definitely try again this project with different animals and color schemes. (except I probably will do it in the garden :P