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painting for my son

My son is colorblind.  He can see some colors well, and others he cannot make out correctly.  His favorite colors are blue and yellow.  I know that I want my painting to be blue and yellow.  The painting will be for his room.  


My son has a high amount of energy, so I chose the words ENTHUSIASM and HAPPINESS to guide me in my project.


Reference work choices:  Frank Stella.  I will probably not use this spectrum of colors, but will scale back to shades of my blue and yellow theme.  


Here is my progress today.  I did not like it at first so I set it aside, like you said.  I have come back to it today and found that I don't mind that my edges are not as hard as Stella's.  Originally, I was going to clean those up, but now, I like the "messiness" of it, because that's a lot more like our crazy toddler life.

Next, I will add circles and maybe some more marks from my sketching.  

Scared, but still moving forward.


Here is my finished work.  I used the circle theme, as you suggested.  I did go a little darker with the circles (incorporated navy).  I call this "Stella Burst," and I think it incorporates my themes of happiness and enthusiasm.  I hope my son likes it!  Thanks for a great class.



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