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( pä'gu ) - Mother Puggers - Logo/Branding for a niche project


Alright. So I've opted to change the branding to a more family friendly (pä'gu), a rather typed dictionary-like phonetic spelling of パグ, which is the Japanese kana for 'Pug.'  ...for some reason. The phonetic logo is for the branding, and the pug character is likely just going to be 'Pug,' or 'Pagu.' 

As far as the Mother Puggers as a t-shirt goes, I've made the crown have gems instead of bones, changed the typeface to something more legible, and have tweaked the colors slightly. Here is a sample of what my thought process would be for different color shirts. Each shirt color would be a gem name (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Aquamarine, etc.) and the gems are blank in that the shirt color is the gem color.

And here are some different pug head designs for giggles. I know there are two copies of the standard pug here. I have no actual reason for this to give.


So I have resolved to use the pug head and the name Mother Puggers for a shirt, but will rebrand and redesign a logo for tags/ads and such to facilitate a more kid friendly vibe. Below is more WIP for a Mother Puggers shirt, with the pug face proper becoming the focus for furher redesigns.


I've had brewing for years in my squishy think meats the idea for a novelty t-shirt related to how idiotically bonkers I am for pugs. Speaking with some other pug owners and how, to us, it appears as if pug people are somehow a different breed of dog owners, we likened it to a sort of gang. Since then I'd been tossing the idea back and forth in my mind to start a website and design shirts/merch around the rather silly gang sounding moniker of "Mother Puggers."

Not knowing where to start, I regularly revisit and reshelve the idea in perpetuity. With Skillshare, and the timing of the Logo Design and T-Shirt Design classes, I've made the decision to hunker down with the guidance herein and focus on this project.

A secondary purpose and motivation to complete the project is tied into an effort I'd like to start towards raising money for pug rescue organizations. As a pug owner it breaks my heart every single time I hear a story of a mistreated or abandoned pug. It is inconcievable how someone can take an animal intentionally bred to make people happy and do anything but love it to the end of days. I want to help make sure that these pugs are getting the help they need to heal and live happy, comfortable lives.

Should I complete this project successfully and somehow not stumble on to my face, it's my intention to donate a chunk of any money made by this endeavor to regional pug rescue organizations.

First page of sketches (I sadly haven't had a tremendous amount of time):

Mother Puggers Sketches 1

I am clearly not good at any of the things. Below is a second set of sketches I've been able to do in my spare time. I've been entirely incapable of thinking with type and am not exactly a fan of anything I've done so far. C'est la vie.

2nd sketch of dumb things.

Getting the bad ideas out is difficult when they are all bad ideas I'm learning. :(

Aaaaaand, this took me 6 hours. And it's basically bad and likely to be scrapped. Things I am not: An Artist. A Designer. Smart.

Taking a suggestion I went with the bone logo. Still unsure I know what I'm doing, but it's more functional as a logo than the pug head.

Aaaaaand because I hate Freud, I've changed the 'M' and modified the 'S' some while thickening the larger letters slightly. Still not 100% happy, but I can't place my finger on what's bugging me.


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