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Milena Deneno

Illustrator and Designer



owl girl print

This piece is inspired by my mother, and how she looks like an owl due to her huge green eyes, and how in Brasil exceptional mom are called "Mae Coruja" which means "Owl Mom" and she is the perfect symbol of this.

i like the color composition in this photograph.

i thought of victory rolls for the hair, since they give women a "horned owl" type of feel.

how cute is this? I also love the texture.

So this is what I came up with after part 2:

Now on to part 3.

After I scanned in the sketch, I printed it out enlarged, lined it in tracing paper and then transfered it to watercolor paper, where I then colored it in with Grumbacher opaque watercolors.

Scanned it in again and followed the steps to make it digital.

The 3 different versions are as follows:

I like the subdued of the purple haired one, but there is something about the blue hair in the first one that makes me happy. This piece might be mildly inspired by Katy Perry, in the end. I love how it turned out and this is a piece I am proud of. Which do you guys like best?



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