overcoming judging eyes & becoming The Best me

I have always been a relatively happy person with a good upbringing, education and wonderful friends surrounding me. Although, being part of an Asian family has meant that I've been expected to have a certain physique and anything other than "petite" has meant being judged by my family. Sometimes behind my back, too often, freely amongst other family members. My parents too weren't forgiving when I grew up to be on the heavy side. 

Nonetheless my weight never really bothered me and I learnt to deal with my family's judgements. Boys never took an interest to me all through high school and university, but again I wasn't too bothered as I lacked confidence anyway. 

I went overseas in 2007 for a semester long exchange program and I found myself. Travelling on my own gave me so much confidence and I felt like a different person on returning. Unfortunately I came back with a few too many baguettes on my waistline. 

Someone recommended the 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss to me in 2009 and I just threw myself into it. That friend had been through an incredible transformation himself and it pushed me into discovering who I really was, am. 

I went overseas again and found a wonderful boyfriend. And we are trying to be healthy together, even though we have very different methods - we try to be respectful of them!

I slowly added in exercise after losing about 10kg by changing my diet alone. I'm striving to find fun and exciting workouts to do. 

The Colour Run - The Happiest 5K On The Planet!

Eureka Climb - 1642 Steps, 88 Floors

My goal for 2013: 

- lose 8-10kg of body fat
- reduce body fat % by 8%
- find a rhythm for working out 3-4 times a week (halfway there!) with varied super-enjoyable activities
- practice yoga & meditation
- eat clean 6 days out of the week
- be able to find push ups easy enough as a warm up set!

I'm tired of comparing myself to other people (especially fit Asian chicks) and need to focus on becoming The Best me. 


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