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Frank Epton

Outdoor sporting apparel



out­door ath­letic cloth­ing com­pany

We are like you, every­day Cana­di­ans who grew up skat­ing on out­door rinks. Whether skat­ing to work through the heart of our home­town (Ottawa, Canada) on the world’s largest skat­ing rink, play­ing hockey under the lights with our kids, or rip­ping around the speed skat­ing oval, we are, like most other Cana­di­ans, inex­plic­a­bly drawn to the sim­ple plea­sure of glid­ing over frozen water.  ODR Gear, an out­door ath­letic cloth­ing com­pany, was born of this passion.

Be cool. Stay warm.
Keep your head up, your stick on the ice & always d
are to dangle


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