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Jill Brown

Creative Director / Owner - OrganiCreative LLC



organicreative design portfolio

The purpose of this facebook page is to promote my work and offer incentives to past clients and new clients to hire me for design services. I do not want to be percieved as a discount designer which is what I see as my biggest challenge in creating this project. I would love to have feedback on how I can effectively promote myself without selling myself short. I feel that if somehow I can get across the message of how I can provide long-term benefits as an individual desginer with personal attention to detail and an emphasis on strategy and problem-solving through design. 

UPDATE 5/1/13:

I created a 20% off coupon for 1st time clients who like my business page using ShortStack ( One thing I would have liked to have learned from the lecture what where to go (free places like to create tabs for our facebook pages. Other than creating a paid advertisement (which I can't afford right now) I didn't understand how to create a free promotion. I stumbled upon shortstack by looking at other peoples projects. I would love to hear if others found similar websites (like shortstack) that offer free "apps" for creating promotional tabs on facebook. 

3 FB pages in my industry that I like:


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