one step at a time

one step at a time - student project

On the first day of Christmas, we took a walk in the snowfall:

one step at a time - image 1 - student project


Here is how I turned it into a painting:

Step 1: Blocking in - At this stage, honestly, I was not sure whether my attempt would lead me anywhere...

one step at a time - image 2 - student project


Step 2: First details - some hope rising up :)

one step at a time - image 3 - student project


Step 3: Finish and snow flakes :)

one step at a time - image 4 - student project


I am sooooo happy with how it turned out! <3 I have the painting on my easel now, standing next to the Christmas tree. :)

Also, dear LaurieAnne, your commentary made me curious, so I watched a class of Bob Ross with my husband. So cool! I haven't heard about him until now but we really enjoyed watching him paint. Very impressive! Thank you very much for sharing your technique, inspiration and art!