Aarti Patel

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oh so dreams.

For myself, finding this class coincided with this years launch of Elle Luna's annual #The100DayProject on Instagram. I had a few other ideas at the time, but somehow they didn't seem quite compelling enough to keep me engaged for the 100 day duration that I knew to be ahead of me. And so I decided I would both take part in this class and follow Elle Luna's footsteps in drawing my dreams - I had already been recording my dreams for a week and found them to be somewhat entertaining amongst a few of my friends and I. 


I am now part way through my overall project; 21 days out of the total 100. Although on some mornings it has been a chore to recall and record imagery from my dreams, I have found myself remembering a lot more than I had before!  I also wasn't sure if like Elle Luna, I would find my dreams to be poetic but on some occasions they surprisingly seem just that! 


One of my aims for taking part in this class/project was to continue to practice drawing and painting on a regular basis, so this exercise has definitely provided me with ideas and imagery to not only fulfil that but also keep challenging myself. The more exciting part of the process for me has definitely been just this; getting lost in interpreting and painting my dreams!

For anyone who would like to join me on the rest of my journey, you can find the rest of my project on Instagram @ohsoaarti



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