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office redo

oh jesus. I'm embarassed to even start in on this (its been going for so long now I can't talk about it with friends lol.). Its kind of a long story but I'll try and make it short - I have a small massage studio that I've rented for going on three years now and I decided it was time for my starter studio that I threw together in a weekend to get a face lift (since I graduated from my masters program I felt it was time for something bigger and better; I'm willing to settle for the better since the bigger isn't quite as negotiable.. <g>.). I have been wanting to put hardwood floors in my tiny 100 sq ft. studio for some time now -- not a giant or even expensive request (so I thought) -- and while procrastinating studying for the california board exam one day I saw that someone was giving away free wood flooring that they were ripping up from a spot he had just aquired in the mission for his new shop. It sounded so dreamy and perfect stuff like that happens to me all the time so I got in a zip van and hauled my ass down there, only to find he had massacred the flooring -- but i'm not detered so easily. I'm stubborn as all hell and for some reason I decided I was going to make this work. I stashed the wood at a friends for a couple days until I came up with a plan of action : I was going to take up wood working. Granted, I'm definitely more of a home ec kind of gurl but whateves. Small technicalities. Needless to say, probably a few hundred dollars in tools and a few hundred hours spent researching how-to's on woodworking (and now an eternity spent sweating in that tiny what-used-to-be-a-massage-studio-turned-woodshop over this wood, its finanlly looking beat-up beatuiful, ready sanded and about to be pickled white. My idea for this office and this wood went from flooring, to a wood-chevron pattern on an accent wall, to exposed beams, to W H I T E. And here is where i am. (stuck) (or not). (or exactly where I need to be.). =). Ok, so its snowballed out of control. Somehow I still think i'm winning.


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