Hey there!

I chose this picture among many because it has a specific meaning and I realized it only while I was editing.

I was running around  the Malecon Tajamar in Cancun (Mexico) with the sunset at my back and suddenly saw a beautiful light and I turned around. First thing I saw was the sunlight crawling and spreading out behind the towers and closer to me I saw the sad disaster mankind did in destroing the rich ecosystem that was  beyond that fence. Now there is emptiness, ready for bulding another horrible huge hotel. That  desolation is only shadowed once a day but  beautiful sunsets. 

I only had my iphone with me but I thought it  didn't came out that bad. 

I normally edit with photoshop, I don't remember what i did, for sure, I used clarity I love this one to bring out details, vibrance, and saturation to colour the sky. 

I would love to hear your thoughts, from everyone in the class. 

thanks a lot 




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