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"oatmeal" scarf

[The picture was to wide I guess and was fliped]

I started knitting a couple years ago, but I wanted to start over with the basic stuff because I have a couple of patterns that made me really realize that, "Wow! I have no clue what I'm actually doing!" Especially with some of the bigger patterns.

The yarn I'm using is actually some left over yarn from a blanket that I made this Christmas. The color is oatmeal, it's lion brand, and 100% acrylic. It's 20 stitches across and I'm actually having to pretty much use about one and three-fourths of balls of yarn. My needles are actually my first ever knitting needles, the brand is Takumi Clover, they're bamboo, and 9.0 inches.

I'm almost finished with the scarf, I'm in between a rock and a hard place with if I want to add fringe (it's going to be a huge scarf by itself, it's definitely a matter of if I even have the yarn left over to do it). 


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