Hello, I am currently a student but enrolled in this class for fun. I wanted to learn more about marketing, especially when its related to social media. 

Brand: I chose Chilipad cooling mattress pad boyfriend recently purchased one because he has been having horrible sleepless nights due to texas bipolar weather.  I grew interested once I realized how well it worked and how accommodating it is to the human body. 

Event: There has been huge publicity on #yesallwomen but it has also increased the awareness of #notallmen. I would like to play on the #notallmen movement along with the good guy Greg meme. 

It would be a smart RTM move because at a time where there is so much focus on #yesallwome, there might be growing tension. What better way to break the ice then to add humor and some aww factor. 

Meme: Wife reaches menopause, buys her a ChiliPad #notallmen 


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