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not without a purpose

well, i always have these little phrases in my head. usually they're lyrics, but sometimes just blurbs or old-fashioned expressions or whatever. and i scribble em down, then they usually make their way into my sketchbook illustrations.

but, of course i felt on-the-spot when i needed one for this, so  from the 3 i could cough up, i'm going with "not without a purpose, not without a fight". it's a lyric from a band called the street dogs. i actually wrote it on a drawng once years ago, but it was just sprt of scribbled & not thought out.

anyway, i hope i'm not too late. i feel like i'm behind already. i watched some videos yesterday, and i did these two pages. just spitballing. i just had the finished product in my head as a postcard, or something that might come with an LP as part of the artwork/packaging.

i'm pretty comfortable with sketching and laying stuff out, but once this has to be digital, i'm a total newbie. i think i last used illustrator in 1999. eek.



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