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not-so Noosa style

I've been away for the weekend so am posting this a bit late, but better late than never 'eh? So, for your viewing pleasure, may I present... My favourite new space!

I'm still on the look-out for the perfect rug, especially as we're coming into winter here, but I just love hanging out in this space now (when I can get my 6 year old son off the couch!). My family love it too.  According to the 6 year-old, "It looks all pretty and soft and snuggly now, before it was just boring", so that sounds like a win to me!

And my bedroom!

(BEFORE) My uninspired bedroom in need of some styling ideas! 

And..... After! Its not finished yet, but I love it a whole lot more... I sanded off an old hardwood pallet for a headboard, changed the curtains (thak-you IKEA for the fabric), and finally got around to hanging some pictures.  I know it may not translate well in the photos, but it just feels so much better :-)

(BEFORE) Bookshelf.  So, to be honest, I quite love my book case and it took me AGES to get it all colour-coded like this (to the extent that we've lived here three months now and most stuff is still in boxes because I spent all my unpacking energy on the bookshelf). I can't get the lines straight because the room is too narrow and I can't get far back enough! The box of... um, stuff, in the lower right-hand corner is stuff I haven't got around to filing yet.

(BEFORE) My desk area/consol. I do my masters, PR stuff for an NGO I volunteer for and sewing here.  Its small but I think it has potential if only I cold find space to put all my stuff (can you see the boxes of fabric,  sewing machine and overlocker under the desk?

(AFTER) Its neater, but is it styled?  I feel like I struggle to get all the elements here working well together but still retaining all the stuff I need to have on hand.  Would love some feedback!


Followed Justina's advice and have rearranged some things!  I DO like this better.  My dearest beloved has over-ruled me on having the print behind the shoe last though...  Thanks for the tips Justina!


(BEFORE) Lounge/Coffee table.  I wish the TV was on the wall but as this is a rental, we can't drill holes in the wall for a mounting bracket. The uke isn't actually part of my styling FYI!

(AFTER) Coffee Table.  Does this work? I wanted to still be able to use the space to eat on, occasionally put my feet up on, play scrabble on etc but didn't want a great expanse of wood.  I put the coasters and remotes in a basket on the ledge with a blanket for when you want to curl up. Some good reading, good drinking and good eating finished the idea!  Also, as the vegetarian daughter of a cattle farmer, I'm imagining how great a cow hide rug would look under the coffee table... I can't photoshop that in, so you'll have to imaging it too for now. Yes? no?

The 8 Elelments: 

I love this little reading nook and think that it so easily encompasses the Justina's 8 elelments of styling.  Firstly, who doesn't NEED somewhere cosy to curl up and read a book?! The chair itself becomes the focal point, bringing with it COLOUR (that then ties in with other elements such as some spines and the frame of the print in the other room), SHAPE (the lovely egg shape in contrast to the angles of the books and shelves), and TEXTURE. I love that the books themselves though also give a sense of texture to the scene. There's also a little BLING in the base of the chair... and that lampshade! 

I have an idea in my head of what I would like my space to look like, but living in a rental with my husband and two kids means that what's in my head doesn't always translate into reality... I love books and colour and op shop finds. I also love plants but am really great at killing them.



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